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How would you describe Sleeping With Sirens to those who do not know them?
If you’re looking to have fun in your life, come to a Sirens show. Everyone is accepted. As long as you come with an open mind and you’re ready to have fun.

When will your new album come out? Do you have any anticipation to give us?
We cannot say, but it will be sooner than you think. It is, by far, our heaviest album we’ve ever written, but also the most candid. We’ve gone through a lot in our lives over the past years that have shaped the album into what it has become. It’s the realest album we’ve ever done. We are not fucking around in 2019.

Which song from Gossip do you think the fans have taken to the most during live shows?
Probably “Legends” since it’s the only single we ever really pushed off the album. It’s a song we’re proud of, but we’ve also moved on in a positive way from it. Learned a lot from that album that carry positive traits into what we’ve become.

Who would you like to collaborate with for a song?
I would love to collaborate with Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Or maybe Post Malone. Bring Me The Horizon would be a lot of fun too. Fever 333 would be amazing too. Even Panic At The Disco. Or Rod Stewart. Or Tears For Fears. So many wishes.

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How do you feel about being on tour? Is it fun to see the world, or hard to be away from home?
I love touring, personally. Being able to travel the world and meet amazing people along the way is an experience that I could never properly put into words. But, as I get older, being a married man, it’s hard being away from my wife at times, but she’s incredibly supportive of what I do & comes out on tour sometimes. I could never complain about my job.

What are your favourite artists and musicians in this moment?
Been loving the new Bring Me The Horizon album. Youngblood is also someone I’ve been enjoying quite a bit. FEVER 333 is stellar, as well. De’Wayne Jackson is the shit, too. But honestly, I’ve really only been listening to the new SIRENS album nonstop. It’s fucking incredible.

Plan B. If you weren‘t a musician, what would you have done?
Something in music, I’m sure. Whether it be on the business side or something along those lines. I also really love coffee and I’d love to start a cold brew coffee business at some point. I owned a screen printing shop for a long while and loved that. Many interests in my life.

The last question is for your fans. What are your favourite book, actor and movie?
My favorite book is The Four Agreements. Favorite actor is Gael Garcia Bernal. Favorite movie is Pulp Fiction or Goodfellas.

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